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In-home euthanasia

The Toughest Decision

As veterinarians, we come in close contact with life and all that it entails: birth and growing, but also illnesses, accidents, and inevitably, death.

Death is a part of our daily lives and one must, unfortunately, accept it. Medics around the world are fighting against diseases, not against death. We, as veterinary surgeons, have the possibility, some might say the luxury, of choice. When pain and disease attain a level that can no longer be controlled, a decision can be made to alleviate it and to put an end to intense suffering.

As pet owners, you might be under the impression that the moment has come to help your pet pass away. This intuition is precious and Veteris takes it carefully into account. We offer to accompany you and your family at this difficult time. After helping you get a better understanding of your pet’s physical and emotional welfare, Veteris will guide you towards the right decision but rest assured, the ultimate decision is yours. Always!

Owner is cuddling his dog before being put to sleep Owner is cuddling his cat before sedation
Old and sick dog is looking for his owner Owner is holding his dog's paw while it is put to sleep
Owner cuddling his dog while he is receiving a sedative injection

In-home euthanasia

How does it work?

In Ancient Greek, Euthanasia actually means Good Death. At Veteris, we believe that home euthanasia is more comfortable for the pet as it’s a warm, well-known, and stress-free environment.

Veteris’ team has accurate training in analgesia and deep sedation which are the two main pillars of pain and anxiety relief. This gentle and sleepy moment gives you the opportunity to remain close to your pet and give a last goodbye hug, while the procedure is being carried out.

Once your pet is sedated and sleepy enough, another injection is given and your pet slips away peacefully.

Owner's son is cuddling his old cat before being put to sleep

In-home euthanasia

Is it painful for my Pet?

All drugs used for euthanasia are strong sedatives and general anaesthetics. The same one used in human medicine for surgical procedures and euthanasia.

We have therefore a good understanding of the level of unconsciousness and pain-relief they are providing to your beloved pet and we can confidently assure you that the procedure is painless.

The Emergency Vet will check with you that your companion is completely sedated and unresponsive to any stimulation before proceeding to the final injection.

Paws of a dog touching his owner's hands



If you wish to, Veteris is able to dispose of your pet's remain and have it cremated on your behalf with one of our trusted crematoriums.

Those partners have been meticulously chosen for their high standards and the conscious care they are providing to our pet's last travel.

All of the available options can be discussed before or after the consultation with the Emergency Vet.

For obvious sanitary reasons, Veteris does not recommend keeping your pet’s remain at home.

Lovely medaillons containing images of the family dead dogs


Building Memories

Thanks to our trusted crematorium, different options are available to you:

  1. We organise everything: we will take care of your pet's remains and the precious ashes will be delivered back directly to your home.
  2. You would like to say goodbye one last time? You can organise with our crematorium to be present on the day on the cremation and see your companion one last time.
  3. Next to the ashes, some memorabilia are available: a paw print can be arranged and a little glass bottle containing your pet's soft fur.

Whatever your preferences, Veteris will endeavour to help you make this difficult moment as smooth as possible and as close as possible to your wishes.

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