24-7 Veterinary emergency services : Greater London - Scotland Call 0330 808 9066

Owner worried for his dog calling the pet emergency service

Step one

The Phone Triage

Veteris is available 24/7 and will always answer your call. If you are worried about your pet, don't hesitate: pick up your phone and you will be directly connected to one of our skillful Registered Veterinary Nurses. They will help you assess your situation and will determine with you the severity of your pet’s emergency.

Sick and cold dog is waiting for the vet to come home and provide medical care

Step two

The Short Wait

While you wait for our Emergency Veterinary Surgeon, it is understandable that you might be anxious to help your pet. The Veteris Nurse helping you will endeavour to assist you over the phone anyway she can, by delivering you precise advice specific to your pet and your emergency situation.

Although most of the time, simply isolating your pet in a safe and calm environment under your constant supervision is all that is required. Our veterinarian will handle the rest.

Cat is having his ear examined by the vet at home

Step three

The Emergency Consultation

While reviewing with you your pet’s clinical history and all the information essential to his understanding of the current situation, our experienced Emergency Veterinary Surgeon will perform a full examination to assess your pet’s health.

After which he will be able to provide you with his conclusion and advise the best course of action ranging from on-the-spot diagnostic tests to targeted medication in order to help your pet in the best possible way.

Labrador dog is looking at the vet writing the clinical report at the end of the emergency consultation

Step four

The Consultation Report

Once your Veteris vet has taken good care of your pet, you will be presented with a transparent and itemised invoice. The vet will help you settle the invoice with several payment methods. Within 24h following the consultation, you'll receive a detailed clinical report and the previous invoice on your email address. These files can be used to make a claim with your insurance.

Owner looking after his recovering pet after the emergency consultation

Step five

The Continuity of Care

If you're a still worried for your pet's health after the consultation, don't hesitate to call us back. One of the vet supervising the triage team will get back to you immediately. All your pet's medical details are shared among the team to ensure an optimal follow-up.

On the very morning that follows our consultation, your regular vet will receive the detailed clinical report. We do believe that sharing as quickly as possible any clinical data or test results with your regular vet is a key point to guarantee you pet's health.


High end home veterinary care. Regular Fees.

We do not charge more than your nearest 24/7 veterinary hospital for an emergency consultation. In fact we would probably charge less. Use the form below or call us to get an immediate quotation of consultation fee.

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