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What Is An Emergency Vet?

It is a Veterinary Surgeon who was trained in Emergency Critical Care, therefore holding the knowledge required to stabilise the most critical, sick or injured pet.

These particular Vets are fast and efficient. Facts-oriented and to-the-point individuals, they set their particular skills at your pets' service.

They know that speed is of the essence in the emergency field: identifying quickly the problem and acting directly and efficiently to manage it.

At Veteris, our Emergency Vets both rely on their sharp clinical instinct built on hundreds of hours of emergency consultations and on a hospital-like state of the art mobile kit (oxygen, surgical kit, ultrasound, blood-work, blood pressure ...) to help the pets in need.

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When Do I Need An Emergency Vet?

At Veteris, we believe in your instinct. When things are not right with your pet, you can usually feel it. In doubt, better to reach out. We will help you.

That being said with cats, dogs and even more so with exotics, it is no small task to read them. And even when you realise something is off, it is even harder to know if it is an emergency or if it could simply wait.

Some situations will of course create little doubt: road traffic accident, a fall or any acute traumatic experience. Others will be more pernicious: a change in energy, in behaviour or eating habits. And all the rest in between when you simply aren't sure if you should wait or call.

Our Registered Veterinary Nurse are at then end of the line to discuss the situation and make a decision with you.

You can also find an extensive list of emergency situations here:

Should I Go To The Hospital ?

Short answer, ideally not!

There is a reason ambulance are so important in human medicine: stabilising before moving.

If an emergency situation arises, moving your pet can cause more distress and be eventually detrimental such as making a fracture worse, internal. bleeding, displacing an hypoxic patient without oxygen etc...

In most cases, keeping your pet at home in a stress-free environment and waiting for the emergency veterinary surgeon is the best decision to make.

Statistically speaking, we can confidently say that 96% of emergency situations can be handled at home by our team and the 4% needing to be hospitalised will have been stabilised before they were moved increasing their chances of surviving the trip.

In doubt, please just call us and we will be able to assist you in the decision-process.

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Do we service your post code?

Veteris is operating 24/7 in Greater London and Scotland (Glasgow, Lothian, Central and Borders), from Edinburgh to Glasgow, from Dundee, Perth, Stirling to Dunbar. Please refer to the map in order to find out if your postcode is covered by our service. If you have any doubts, or if you are not too far from our operating border, please call us to see if an arrangement can be made.

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Dealing with an emergency?

Veteris is operating 24/7 in the Greater London and Scotland (Glasgow, Lothian, Central and Borders). Worried ? Concerned ? Every minute counts. Get connected to our Phone Triage Team immediately or send a call-back request filling the form below.


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