24-7 Veterinary emergency services : Greater London - Scotland Call 0330 808 9066

How it works

A team of highly qualified pet-loving veterinary surgeons providing 24/7 emergency service

From the most efficient phone triage to the most technical medical care in the stress-free comfort of your home.

Call us, we are available 24/7

If you are experiencing a pet emergency, please call us immediately. You will be directly in contact with our Registered Veterinary Nurses.

We will advise you

We will assist you over the phone, ask you relevant questions and advise you about the necessity for an immediate emergency consultation.

A Veterinary Surgeon to your home

If our Registered Veterinary Nurse feels that care is urgently needed, she will organise for a Veterinary Surgeon to get to your home as quickly as possible.

The pets we cared for...


...and what they thought about our service.


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