24-7 Veterinary emergency services : Greater London - Scotland Call 0330 808 9066

Your emergency Veterinary Surgeon

Customized care in the comfort of your home

In times of need, we search for the person we know, the person who has helped our pets, and followed him or her all these years. Unfortunately, like any other human being, one cannot always be available. That is where Veteris is at your service; in close connexion to your regular veterinarian.

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Pet Emergency Free Advice

The Phone Triage

Veteris provides a free-of-charge emergency line to worried pet parent. You'll be connected to the the dedicated team of registered veterinary nurses.

The triage's team mission is to assess from distance your pet's state and decide with you what would be the most reasonable solution.

High End Veterinary Care

The Emergency Consultation

Veteris concentrates only on emergencies. This chosen focus ensure that our vets have been all properly trained to take care of the most critical patients at home.

All of the emergency vet working at Veteris are able to diagnose and stabilise the most critical cases at home with the state-of-the art emergency kit.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

The Home Euthanasia

Veteris offers an in-home euthanasia services to help your family pet have the most peaceful passing possible.

Our aim is to avoid putting your pet through the fear and stress involved with a travel to the veterinary practice. We prefer having them on their favourite spot next to you until the very end.

Our in-home euthanasia service provides calm, compassionate end of life care. One of our Veterinary Surgeon will come to your home and provide the gentle care your pet should deserve in their last moments.

To bear in mind

It's all about emergency care. And that only.

Veteris is not your day-to-day practice and chooses to focus on training vets to become very efficient emergency vet and that only . We think you are excellent at what you do all the time, and we prefer to entrust you local veterinary practice with the routine care. Veteris is not :

  • Vaccination
  • Non-therapeutic procedures (chipping, nail trimming, ear canal cleaning, etc.)
  • Health check
  • Neutering procedure
  • Follow-up on chronic conditions

Make an appointment

Dealing with an emergency?

Veteris is operating 24/7 in the Greater London and Scotland (Glasgow, Lothian, Central and Borders). Worried ? Concerned ? Every minute counts. Get connected to our Phone Triage Team immediately or send a call-back request filling the form below.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have additional questions?

We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions, if you can't find an answer to your question please contact us!


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