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Veteris career
Our Mission

Provide the fastest and most technical emergency care to the pet’s doorstep and make sure the whole team is genuinely happy to provide this exciting service.

We want to become the first line emergency care provider, being the interface needed between stressed and panicking owners, closed regular practices and overloaded hospital's ERs.

Organization aims

Our permanent obsession is responsiveness, this cannot be achieved without a great team of work-enthusiastic vet surgeons enjoying a new way of providing veterinary care and having the work-life balance they deserve. ECC work is hard enough and we want to do everything possible for any veterinary surgeon to enjoy it through seven building blocks :


A massive sense of community. Nobody’s left alone. Someone is always a call, a text or a thought away to assist you.


Modern kit. Vets are provided with the latest field proven embedded technologies to support the medical decision.


Training and mentorship: Newly grad or simply wanting to discover the way we work before you try on your own? Veteris is happy to provide with a training period before you start!


A top income. You’re paid for the medicine you do, for each consultation and each mile driven. Each hour is worth it.


The best work-life balance you could dream of. You do your schedule. Yourself. We work around your wishes and your personal agenda.


A permanent sense of improvement. Open discussion and self-questioning: you have the latest great idea to improve how we work? Speak up!


Freedom. To do things your way. To work the medicine you please. To take your time. We have recipes and we offer advice but you’re free to be your own cook!

Core values

Veteris aims to build a community of veterinary professionals whether it is veterinary nurses or veterinary surgeons.


The team spirit and the sense of community is our core DNA. Always present and ready to answer or help, Veteris' team is open to new ideas, dialogues and personal growth. We like to exchange experiences and techniques learned along the way or while listening to an ECC podcast.

Open mindedness

Whether you’re a young grad or a very experienced ECC wolf you have something to bring to the table and you have something to extract from working at Veteris. This particular work setting creates room for improvement and self awareness for every individual.

Work-life balance

No overload, no burn-out, no mandatory crazy “work ‘till dawn” 7 days in a row. ECC is cool but hard enough, let’s enjoy it together. That's why at Veteris you build your calendar of wished working hours and we create every month your rota schedule to fit your wishes. You draft the plan, we execute it.

Security and well-being

Each veterinary surgeon receives security gloves, muzzles and our door is always open should you need to talk. Any allergies? Latex, rabbit etc. We adapt your gear and we avoid the allergens! We check on you after and before the consultation starts, and will be checking on you every 40 min during consultation if we don’t have any news.


What makes Veteris a great place to work?

Flexibility and Freedom

You don’t jump into our requirements. Instead, you give yours and we adjust to you. Whether you need time for a side hustle or want to work weekends only, or you’re a ECC workaholic wanting to be on the road every night, there is a place for you. Don’t be shy, we love diversity!

What do you do between consultations?

You just wait at home, you enjoy Netflix or a good book. You start from home and you go back home. If you fancy it, you can always come to our facility in North London for the Greater London team and Livingston for our Scottish team, to enjoy a cup of tea, refill your inventory or just relax. Veteris also offers great peace of mind to our team members. No time limit in consultation, no financial pressure.

ECC Care

You want some advice about a case? We are here to help. You want to do your thing because you like to work alone? Please do. As long as you provide your best care, we’re happy.

No Admin

We handle everything for you. No admin work. It is all about providing your best veterinary care. You are in the moment, a bubble of time with your patient. And when you're done? Well, there is no overloaded waiting room at the end. Just another household to help. In between, just some peaceful driving, good music and podcasts.

Meet our culture

Veteris is pet-centric and ethological. All of our team members care about your lovely pets.

Person holding cat
Vet holding dog
Vet with dog
Person petting dog

Open Roles

Small teams, global mission

We are recruiting all year rounds. What about we have an informal chat first ?

Let us know you

Couldn’t find a position?

Introduce yourself and we will contact once we have a suitable position.


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