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“Veteris is a team of highly qualified pet-loving veterinary surgeons providing 24-7 emergency services: from the most efficient phone triage to the most technical medical care in the stress-free comfort of your home.”

How it works?

The Phone Triage

Home Consultation

Full Report

The Phone Triage

Home Consultation

Full Report

1. The Phone Triage
Phone triage is the very first service Veteris has to offer. Phone triage is a means for our team to determine if we are indeed needed.

Veteris is always available and will always answer your call. If you are worried about your pet, wondering if the situation at home is an emergency, or could wait for the opening of your usual veterinary clinic, simply give us a call.

Based on your information and your answers to our specific question, a decision will be taken together.

There are different possibilities at the end of the phone triage:

  • The situation at home is not an emergency and after reassuring you, you will be able to wait for your veterinarian’s clinic opening.
  • The situation at home is indeed an emergency for which we can intervene and if you are willing, we will send an emergency veterinarian to your home to assist you and your pet.
  • The situation at home is indeed an emergency but needs specific care and/or hospitalisation and we will refer you to the nearest hospital.

Phone triage is not a way to set a diagnosis. In order to draw one, your pet has to be seen by our emergency veterinarian.

Veteris’ phone triage service is entirely free of charge.

2. Waiting for Your Veteris Veterinarian

Once the decision is made together, then comes the inevitable waiting time. Rest assured Veteris is always doing everything in order to shorten that time as much as possible. Your Veteris veterinarian will rarely take more than an hour to come to your home. Why, might you ask, do you need to wait?

Firstly, and most importantly, emergencies are being handled in order of medical priorities. Critical emergencies that might arise after your call, might create a longer waiting time. That being said, it also means that if you were to find yourself in a critical situation, Veteris will take care of your pet rapidly.

Secondly, your Veteris’ veterinarian simply needs the time to drive to your home. Your waiting time will therefore depend on traffic inconsistencies. Have no worries, if your waiting time was to be influenced by these events, our Veteris Nurse will undoubtedly keep you informed.

What can you do during this waiting time?

You might feel the urge to help your pet before our arrival. If there are indeed acts that you might perform, they will be advised to you at the end of the phone triage. However, most of the time, simply isolating your pet in a safe and calm environment under your constant care and attention is sufficient and ideal.

In these particular pandemic times, we may ask you to undertake some specific preparation for your home. Please refer to the COVID-19 protocol that we have provided.

3. The Home Consultation
The home consultation will not differ much from one you may witness in a veterinary hospital. Our experienced emergency veterinary registered practitioner will perform an assessment of the situation while reviewing with you relevant information about your pet. Afterward, your Veteris veterinarian will discuss with you potential treatment and/or decisions to be taken. With your permission, the veterinarian will then proceed with the best course of action.

In rare occurrences, your pet might require continuous observation and monitoring. In this case, we may recommend hospitalization. If required, Veteris offers to arrange the transportation of your pet to the nearest Intensive Care Unit after medical stabilisation.

4. The Post Consultation
Once your Veteris veterinarian has taken good care of your pet, you will be presented with a transparent and fully detailed bill of the intervention. After payment of the fee, you will directly receive by email a full report of the consultation and the paperless version of your bill. If your pet is insured, this report may act as proof for the insurance company to get your refund.
5. The Transparent Relationship with Your General Veterinary Practitioner
In medicine, let it be Human or Veterinarian, it is essential to create trust that links the patients to the practitioner. In times of need, we search for the person we know, the person who has helped our pets, and followed him or her all these years. Unfortunately, like any other human being, one cannot always be available. That is where Veteris is at your service; in close connexion to your regular veterinarian.

If you are worried that on the days that follow the consultation, you will have to explain everything back to your veterinarian, you should not have to.

On the very morning that follows our intervention, your veterinarian will receive a full account of the consultation:

  • The reason you called
  • What you have observed
  • What we have observed with our clinical examination or our complementary examinations
  • The potential diagnosis
  • The possible treatment that was set in place

Rest assured that your veterinary surgeon will be notified of each detail about your pet, with no information being lost or compromised.

“Quick and really professional 🙂 really gentle with our cat. We are so relieved!”

– Laura

“Fantastic service so kind helpful and informative. Response time incredible thank you!”

– Deirdre

“Quick, helpful and reassuring”

– Natalie

“I just wanted to take a moment to write and say thank you to Vet Louis for his care of Cat on Saturday. I thought he was completely brilliant and I also much appreciated his patience and reassurance with me. Also thank you to Clara, who was very helpful over the phone and kept me well updated with the process. Apart from being a bit put out at not being let outside for adventures, Cat is doing very well and the wound seems to have started healing. Again, thank you kindly.”

– Daniella

“We found Clara to be extremely professional as well as kind to our dog Dougal and she explained everything clearly”

– Jenny

“Louis was great! So friendly and professional. We’re so grateful to him for helping our cat with his injuries.”

– Polly

“We are very satisfied with the service and kindness with our pet, thanks 🙏”

– Maria

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Veteris is operating 24-7 in greater London. Please do refer to the maps in order to see if your postcode is being taken care of. If you have any doubts, or you are not far from our operating border, please call us to see if an arrangement can be made.