Veteris doesn’t differ from a typical 24/7 practice.

Veteris doesn’t differ from a typical 24-7 practise. Our fee is determined by the association of several parameters.

The basic fee will be automatically calculated by our program based on your home address, the time, and the traffic. Thereafter, you will be informed of your personal rate by our veterinary nurse at the end of the phone triage.

It is important to note that phone triage is in no way a means to attain a diagnosis. Therefore, a quotation about further costs cannot be obtained on the phone.

Once our Veteris emergency practitioner arrives, a clinical assessment of your pet will take place, while reviewing important information. Our clinician will then present you with a plan of necessary care for your pet, be medical or surgical. If you’d like, our veterinarian can give you a quotation. You are then free to accept or refuse our practitioner’s intervention.

All through the process, Veteris aims to remain totally transparent regarding the price of our services.